The Mecapack company equips itself with

SchemELECT software

The PROPLAST group has become a major player in the plastics industry. Its subsidiary MECAPACK is specialized in the construction of packaging machines.
This company is mainly active in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. It has several subsidiaries abroad, notably in the United Kingdom and Benelux.


Mr. Sébastien C., from the electrical design department, says :
SchemELECT has imposed itself on our company MECAPACK by differentiating itself from its competitors through its flexibility and adaptability. In the past, we used a competitor's software that was less adapted to our needs. Today, with the SchemELECT solution proposed by FTZ, we can manage our electrical diagrams and configurations by options without any additional cost, contrary to competing proposals.
The SchemELECT software allows us to create the electrical diagrams required for the manufacture of our machines. It has several advantages, including the management of Bills of materials for automatic machine options. SchemELECT also allows us to manage the collision of different faces during the implantation of cabinets, making them more compact.
Furthermore, the software can be formatted as desired and truly meets our needs through its flexibility and customisation. Both the training and the maintenance service offered by FTZ combine responsiveness with a friendly welcome. Prior to the FTZ training, we were familiar with the basic functions of SchemELECT. During the training, we learned to use more advanced functions, which made us more productive.
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