Specific machines

The design departments of specific machines manufacturers provide comprehensive documentation for internal use, for their customers and for their after-sales service. They also need to manage their machine variants and reduce the design cycle for their new products.
Software must also interface with each other to avoid re-keying.
  • For electrical design, FTZ responds with SchemELECT
  • For piping and instrumentation design, FTZ responds with SchemPID
FTZ's new 3D module links mechanical and electrical design.
Either it integrates the 3D model of the machine directly into the electrical file.
Or it provides the electrical elements (cabinet, console) in STEP or IGES format to the mechanical design office using 3D mechanical software such as SolidworksTM, PTC CreoTM, SolidEdgeTM ou CatiaTM to integrate them into the 3D model.