Panel builder

For the production of electrical cabinets, installers, manufacturers of special machines and integrators are increasingly calling on specialists in cabinet wiring: panel builders.
For the realization of distribution or automation cabinets, boxes, consoles, or frames, they have to realize the electrical studies and the implantation plans of the components for the manufacturing.
The SchemELECT software assists you in the study of electrical files, the dimensioning of cabinets or the layout of electrical components with 3D control.
In addition, the new 3D module FTZ-Panel 3D is based on component libraries in STEP or IGES format, which can be accessed directly via the Internet, in order to optimise the placement of components in the enclosure and to industrialise the wiring.
In addition, FTZ-Panel 3D software allows the automatic generation of cable and wire routing in order to supply the different lengths to the wire cutting machines.