Maintenance and New Constructions

In a context of globalisation, the New Constructions and Maintenance departments of manufacturing or production companies must be increasingly efficient and multi-skilled (mechanical, automation, electrical, supervision, instrumentation).
Just-in-time manufacturing means that we have to be more and more reactive and find technical data very quickly for corrective or remedial work.
In addition, inspection bodies are increasingly demanding that electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic files be produced by CAD software, which guarantees quality.
It is therefore necessary for these departments to create and maintain technical files with appropriate software tools that combine ergonomics and professionalism.

The FTZ software suite offers a range of functions to meet these requirements :
  • For industrial electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic files, with the SchemELECT software
  • For Building Wiring files with the SchemBAT software
  • For piping and instrumentation files with the SchemPID software

These products are interfaced with the exploration tool SchemEXPLORER and the viewer SchemCONSULT.