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SchemELECT and SchemPID Feedback from users ER INGENIERIE

eri1    Since 1987, the company ER INGENIERIE is specialized in the study, design and implementation of special machines, skids and industrial facilities.

    It replaced its previous electrical schematic software by SchemELECT and has also acquired the software SchemPID developed by FTZ, for piping and instrumentation diagrams. The design department carries out electrical and pneumatic diagrams of special machines in sectors such as food processing, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical ...

    Nicolas M. of engineering exposes his views on SchemELECT :

"The strengths of SchemELECT  are mainly:
    - Its price / quality ratio compared to other electrical CAD software
    - Its Reliability especially for the management of terminals blocks and cables
    - Its Cabinet management module which controls the cabinet insertion in 3D. The simple and dynamic interface allows real time saving but also save space by managing collisions in the cabinet".


eri2    It also gives its opinion on the Hotline support of FTZ:

"The software support department is a real strong point of the company. It is very responsive. The issues are settle very quickly, unlike the previously used software".

    The company ER INGENIERIE uses also the software SchemPID. With SchemPID, she realizes the plans for piping skids benefiting of automatic numbering features and extraction of different lists (equipment, piping components, instruments, ...).

More information on the company ER INGENIERIE : www.eringenierie.com

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