FTZ-Panel 3D

3D design for electrical cabinet

    Electrical cabinet and electrical devices maker are searching to optimize at best their industrial process, from studies to manufacturing.
FTZ company which is specialized in developments for electrical engineering, elaborate it's new software FTZ-Panel 3D.
FTZ-Panel 3D models your electrical cabinet or control desk in a real 3D environment.

panel3d cabinet modular


    The components are coming from rich volume libraries. They are created under classical 3D format (STEP, IGES, …) and extracted from Internet portal or created by your own mechanical service by the use of common mechanical CAD software as SolidworksTM,CatiaTM,, PTC CréoTM,, SolidEdgeTM.
    The component list of element to insert inside the cabinet can be linked to an electrical project defined with the Electrical CAD Software SchemELECT, or integrated directly by the user inside FTZ Panel 3D.
The user can insert the component inside the support (cabinet, control desk, …) quickly by using advanced and dedicated functions, such as:

  • Insertion of mounting plates
  • Insertion of electrical and mechanical components
  • Collide control
  • Mounting tree
  • Rail, Cable duct and Bar insertion

link schemelect panel3d

    After the insertion, FTZ-Panel 3D generates in an automatic way the manufacturing documentation:

  • 2D drawings
  • Drilling drawings
  • Dimensions

FTZ-Panel 3D also integrates a macro-language which allows to personnalized your own configuration for automatic insertion.


    FTZ-Panel 3D realises also the "wire routing".
From the diagram data and evolved algorithm, the software automatically computes and displays the routing point of each wire :

  • Optimized routing
  • Filling rate can be viewed inside cable duct
  • Segragation can be defined

    The datas extracted from the wiring are available into neutral files. In that way they can be integrated or used to CNC machine dedicated to wire cutting and labelling.

panel3d wiring

Bus bar

FTZ-Panel 3D extracts the information for the bar manufacturing :

  • Manufacturing list
  • 2D Drawing
  • Dimensions

 Wiring [under development]

    FTZ-Panel 3D realises also the on board wiring for specific machines or installations
It deduces the cable routing inside a real 3D environment and computes the lenght and the path used.

Added values

    By it simplified and user friendly interface, FTZ-Panel 3D is easy and quick to pick up.
What's more, FTZ-Panel 3D can be used in « standalone » mode and you don't need to buy an expensive 3D modelers.
FTZ-Panel 3D is also fully integrates to the software SchemELECT and allows to complete the numerical link between mechanical design and the electrical engineering.

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