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bullebat6    SchemBAT Octopus Application: CAD dedicated to the studies of Electrical or Hydraulic Octopus for residential, public or tertiary.


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    SchemBAT-Octopus application is a CAD software dedicated to the full studies of the electrical spider, also called electrical octopus or electrical kit.
It meets the need of Design Departments to define the electrical spider cable of pavilion, collective housing in prefabricated system ready to be installed. It is used to do hydraulic spiders or VMC too.


    SchemBAT-Octopus allows to:

- Integrate architectural plan- Insert or identify electrical components
- Assist you in the wiring
- Extract the bill of materials, paths, wires, cables lists
- Interact with prewiring machines
- Create manufacturing data sheets for junction boxes
- Create automatic singleline diagrams
- Insert automatically material into the cabinet

Integrate an architectural plan

    The architectural plan is integrated into a layer of one or severals pages of the project.
The drawing can be recivers from :

- AutocadTM format
- Scanned plan
- PDF files
- vectorized drawing from a touchpad
- or directly drawn with the CAD tools of SchemBAT


    The drawing can be modified with drawing integrated functions (moving, wall creation or architectural elements,...).
All the elements can be dimensioned at the real scale.

Insertion of symbols in the drawing

    The different appliances (cabinet, lights, sockets, switches…) are either identified or inserted from standardized libraries.

    These symbol libraries can be implemented with your own symbols. These components owns parameters (height, reference, description, intensity…).

Assisted wiring

    By professional functions, SchemBAT-Octopus assists the user to do the cabling and to manage the
routing (sheath, cable, path…).


    It controls the coherence by different electrical choices (light switch, control switch...) for low or high voltage circuits:

- The name of symbol can be set and in this way adapted to your customers request or to your need.
- rotation of wiring colors
- wire sharing
- Definition of location area to help in the distribution of material
- graphic caption for symbols can be inserted automatically on the drawing


     SchemBAT-Octopus owns a 3D view which allows to check the elevation and wiring path.

Lists extraction

    The data sheets are extracted automatically from the cabling informations : cables, sheaths,
components, circuits, routes… with the selected attributes (from-to,…) and lengths.
The lists are in a table editor (ExcelTM, …) and inserted in the project or printed for labels.

    SchemBAT-Octopus realize settable reports and fits to all the type of studies and manufacturing.


Interface with prewiring machines

    SchemBAT-Octopus generates and sorts the lists to enable prewiring of skeins for the studied projects.

    These elements can be sort in the order defined by your own methods of manufacturing.

    SchemBAT-Octopus is interfaced with several prewiring machine with a dedicated module. It can drive counters in the way to define wire lenghts and realize sheaths or cables.

Definition of electrical junction boxes

    A dedicated drawing for the central box is extracted from the cabling plan. It owns the different details
useful for the cabling (destination, sheath, length, wire color, section…).

    You can also use study reports edited and set accordingly to your quality standard.


Singleline, schematic diagram, terminal blocks and cables

    SchemBAT-Octopus extracts automatically the details of the single lines diagrams.
Following the informations of the plan, the single lines are drawn with the suitable data (type of circuit,
section, description, circuit breaker, terminal…).


    The project can be completed by specific schematic diagrams. (as example the control part for lights or data sheets to realize the connection of wires).

    SchemBAT-Octopus also generates bill of materials with selected information from the project (part no, quantity, description...). Price lists (materials, installation time) can be added too.

Automatic cabinet insertion

    SchemBAT-Octopus provides tools to draw the electrical panel layout with manufacturer references. (Siemens, Schneider, Hager...).
These electrical cabinets can be prewired.

    SchemBAT-Octopus owns an automatic algorithm to insert component per cabinet. SchemBAT-Octopus software edits automatically the labels. The size and format of the label can be set.


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