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Wiring of buildings / SchemBAT

bullebat6    SchemBAT : CAD dedicated to the Studies on Commercial wiring, Building and Electrical Octopus. Developed in partnership with companies specialized in studies and wiring installations, SchemBAT produces and manages your site plans and wiring equipment for house.


  video presentation building wiring

+ Wiring and insertion on the drawing

All libraries, more particularly for your symbols, frames and header pages can be customized thanks to the graphic editor. You will create your own attributes and logos to add your pertinent information to your scheme.
Graphic functions provide the classic tools needed for the drawing of circles, lines, hatches, to add text and dimension.

Basic functions concerning the connections are:
  • Symbol placing (lights, plugs...)
  • Identification of light fixtures on the graphics layer thanks to the form recognition process
  • Distribution panel and junction boxes design
  • Routes design as well as cable trunk
  • User-friendly wiring for light fixtures, electrical outlets, junction boxes and distribution panels
  • Take into account the over-length due to vertical railroads and correct the length calculation
  • Automatic creation of drawing captions
  • Overall changes or partial changes of graphics, and/or material references
  • Shape recognition for equipment identification
  • Different display modes can be chosen to get clearer plans when too much information and too many wires are displayed

+ Design tools

    SchemBAT is completely compatible with AutoCAD™ (DWG™) and many other standards such as DXF™, scanned and vectorized pictures..., you can get, as usual, a simple drawing from your architect and import it in SchemBAT :

- creation, modification, deletion

- movement

- layer display for each supply, symbol and cable routes

- analyse on cablec, paths, symbols, etc.)

- checking processes

- Printing, Export


+ Lists

Lists for quotations, purchase service or for project managers can be extracted by SchemBAT

- Lists of the devices with information such as quantities.

- List of routings.

- List of the electrical circuits with calculation of the maximum length and power balance.

- List and length of the cables, per type and per distribution panel


All the lists can be read with other spreadsheets (Excel™, Access™...). (Excel™,OpenOffice™...).

+ Libraries

    Libraries are provided with SchemBAT without any additional fees: symbols, material references, cables. All these data can serve as a base and can be modified according to your needs.

    You can also import your material datasheet from your providers as ASCII and even ODBC™ standards.
For the cardrigdes, you can use logos or pictures (DWG™, DXF™, BMP™, JPEG™, PNG™, TIFF™...) and manage your crossed references as you want.

+ Singleline / Developped diagrams

    SchemBAT allows you to create automatically the single lines or multi-lines of your full projects and create the terminal blocks and cabinet layout.

    From standard symbol libraries or predefined circuits, you can create easily your installation with a single line diagram (house, building, tertiary or industry).

+ Prewired octopus

    FTZ has built a octopus module which allows to realize complete studies of prewired octopus from quotation to the manufacturing

- realise a quick quotation

- use of an architectural drawing (DXF or Autocad™ file, PDF, numerized drawing)

- wiring of the circuits with checking processes (lights, plug socket, computer, TV, junction boxes)

- caption of symbols

- extraction of lists : lengths and type of cables, wires, bill of materials, reports, label list, manufacturing datasheets

- automatic extraction of singleline diagrams

- terminal blocks generation

- panel builder

- junction boxes drawings

- interactivity with sleeving and labelling machines

    All these functions can be set and fit to your working methods.

+ Interfaces

To avoid errors and to gain time, SchemBAT provides interfaces:

- with label machines

- with automatic cable machines like Bouharmont

- with softwares like PLM or ERP by using macro-language


+ Installation statement

To pick up easily the electrical installation statement, SchemBAT provides a dedicated spreadsheet.
With this spreadsheet, SchemBAT creates automatically and graphically the different circuits.


+ Remote control

    SchemBAT provides dedicated functions to manage the remote control pages with :

- cross-referencing

- link between relay and switches

- wire numberings.


+ Calculation

SchemBAT is interfaced with softwares dedicated for calculations of protections and cable sections : Caneco™ and Ecodial™.

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