SchemBAT software and the building modeling - BIM

  BIM electricity building 3D FTZ SchemBAT  In the same way as the digital factory and PLM management in the industrial sector, the specialized press is more focused on the digital model for the buildings called "BIM".
The principal purpose is to modelize and centralize all the information for a building for the different players (architect, design offices, structural, electrical, fluid, heating, energy, home automation ...). This representation is a 3-dimensional digital data which contains all the steps for the construction of a building.

    This model avoids re-keying and a better integration and coherence between actors. The information shall be collected and capitalized in the same model which will be alos used for operation and building management (maintenance, energy balance, ...).

    This process is used for each buildings as techincal databases incorporating the geometry, the equipment, walls, furniture ... It is called BIM (Building Information Modeling).

    In this purpose, the software FTZ - BIM dedicated to studies and the maintenance of wiring, integrates 3D functions and give information, predisposing the digital model of the building, for electrical and fluid systems.

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