Which electrical CAD software should you choose

to create your industrial electrical diagrams?


On the technical software market, there are several CAD software packages for producing industrial electrical diagrams, ranging from free software to very sophisticated and even complex products.



To make a choice, it is necessary to check certain points:
  • functional points
  • ergonomic points
  • professional points


Functional points:
  • the schematic functions must be very advanced to facilitate rapid creation of diagrams (copy/paste, symbol rotation, line break, etc.)
  • some functions are essential for CAD software: cross-references for contacts and folio references, terminal blocks, cables, automatic wire numbering, parts lists and even PLC interfaces
  • Imports/exports must be available for exchanges with other products, in PDFTM, AutocadTM, ExcelTM, image (png, jpg)
  • the manufacturer databases must be regularly updated and easily customisable
  • the schematic functions and especially the generation of terminal blocks and cables must be pushed to create and modify files


ergonomic points:
  • the product must be flexible and accessible
  • the functions must be easily customisable for symbols, cartridges, component database, cabinet volumes
  • the number of training days should be reasonable, around 3 days (an excessive number often means complexity of handling)


Professional context:
  • the company must be sustainable like the product
  • the maintenance service must be local, not off-shore or outsourced
  • the support service must be concrete, with a real accompaniment and a good reactivity
  • training must be carried out by specialists


In conclusion, the choice of a CAD product in electrical schematics corresponds to its current and future degree of use.
A detailed presentation lasting about an hour will enable a relatively complete opinion to be formed of the software on display.
This presentation will help you to find the right product for your company, with advanced functions, a good service and an affordable price.


FTZ offers SchemELECT industrial electrical CAD software.